Who are you guys, anyway?

IncogNet LLC is a small three man team with a combined total of over 40+ years of experience in the web-hosting and related industries. We stem from varied backgrounds and areas of expertise within the industry, but share a common interest: Protecting the fundamental human right to freedom of expression, believing in the importance of privacy in the modern digital age and providing rock solid services.

Our dedication to offering a truly unique service that has yet to be done by anyone else in the marketplace is only strengthened by our previous experiences within the industry.

Netherlands Web Hosting

Company Details

For the sake of transparency our company details and contact information is shown below. We prefer that email is used for all contact. Our public PGP encryption key are located here for those who prefer to keep things private. We often get back to you within a couple of hours, seven days a week.

  • Business Legal Name: IncogNET LLC
  • Registration Date: 04/21/2021
  • Business Address: 30 N. Gould Street, STE 4000, Sheridan, WY 82801
  • Business Phone: 1-307-201-2591
  • Business Email: company[AT]incognet[dot]io

Meet the founder

IncogNET is owned by a dude named Curtis. He is a proponent of online privacy and has over ten years of experience in the web hosting industry in various roles. When needing a break from the digital world, he likes to disconnect by taking multi-day backpacking trips, relaxing around a bonfire, or simply getting outside and into the fresh air however possible. Other interests include sustainable architecture, construction and design as well as minimalistic living, homesteading and self-sufficiency.