A web host that protects your privacy.

"We can not share what we do not know." is more than just our unofficial motto.

You don’t need to be a journalist or activist to benefit from a service that values your privacy. We believe privacy is a fundamental human right and that seeking privacy is completely normal.

Here is how we protect your privacy:

  • We require no personal identifying information to create an account.
  • All services can be paid for with various cryptocurrencies. In fact, this is how we prefer to be paid. (But PayPal or Card is okay, too)
  • Our website, customer portal, and your service control panel is accessible via the regular internet as well as the Tor Network (as an Onion Service) and the I2P network natively. These anonymity networks protect your identity.
  • Our website uses no 3rd party elements like fonts, CDNs, or javascript. We do not track or monitor visitors on our website.
  • We offer PGP encrypted webmail by default on all shared hosting services.
  • All services are offered in privacy friendly countries.

Privacy focused, Luxembourg based.

Our Luxembourg location allows us to safely offer services that value your right to privacy and offer you the tools to express yourself freely. Easily publish to multiple networks from one hosting account to create Tor onion sites, I2P eepsites and regular internet websites. Powered by an Apache (w/ Nginx reverse proxy) webserver with included DDOS protection means you’ll have fast, easy to manage websites for the world to see.


Here's what we're offering you:

Multi Network Shared
Shared Hosting for the Clearnet, Tor and I2P networks.

All plans include:

  • Host multiple domains
  • Opt-In Multi-network content mirroring
  • Free I2P and Onion domain(s)
  • FTP Access
  • Clearnet Email
  • MySQL Databases
  • FAST Apache+Nginx Reverse Proxy Webserver
  • Web Control Panel
  • Instant & Free SSL Certificates from Let's Encrypt
  • Located in Luxembourg
  • Basic Support
  • PGP Encrypted Webmail
  • DDOS Protection
Plans and Pricing
Virtual Private Servers
Fast, guaranteed resources to ensure your online presence is optimally available.

All plans will include:*

  • KVM Virtualization
  • Guaranteed Resources. No overselling!
  • 1 IPv4 / Multiple IPv6 Included
  • Full Root Access
  • Unmetered Bandwidth
  • Web Control Panel
  • Multiple OS Options or BYO-.ISO
  • Basic Support
  • DDOS Protection
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* Subject to change. Virtual Servers will roll out after our shared hosting services. Expected late Spring or early Summer 2021.
Relays and Exit Nodes
These are Virtual Servers designed specifically for relays and exits. These will be affordable options to allow you to contribute fast, reliable bandwidth to the networks of your choice. All plans will come with a public, DDOS filtered IPv4 address. All complaints/requests will be forwarded to you.
Initial launch will likely be in Luxembourg, with other locations to follow.

All plans will include:*

  • Unmetered Bandwidth
  • Offered in safe locations.
  • No Logging
  • DDOS Protection
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* Subject to change. Virtual Servers will roll out after our shared hosting services. Expected late Spring or early Summer 2021.

Are you ready to get started?

Our service is ready to start taking on a limited number of customers. If you’d like to request access, please review our shared hosting plans here. Once you have decided which one you would like, simply contact us so that we may proceed with getting you setup. If you have any questions beforehand, please let us know. We’ll be happy to help you in any way that we can.