Block Ads, Trackers and Spyware. Not content.

Safely browse the web with our new VPN service that blocks advertisements, analytic trackers, spyware, phishing sites, malware and other “BS”. Our preliminary testing has shown that 20-30% of DNS requests made have been blocked by our VPN without impacting your ability to access your favorite websites and mobile apps.

Ad blocking VPN

After months of testing we’re happy to announce that our VPN service is now live and ready for general, public use! Our à la carte style of ordering allows you to choose just one location, two locations, or all three of our current locations at a very affordable rate, paid quarterly or annually.

With no monthly data-caps, logging or trickery you can safely unlock geo-restricted content, browse your favorite websites and use your favorite apps without ads, analytic and telemetry tracking and with known malware sites/urls blocked from being able to resolve over our network. We manage our own DNS blocklists that have been created from several publicly sourced blocklists that include our own adjustments.

We are currently offering this service using the OpenVPN protocol with plans to implement public WireGuard support in the very near future.

Three locations now available!
Block ads, trackers and "BS". Not content. Pricing at $7/quarter or $25/year. Each additional location at $3/quarter or $10/year!
  • No Data Caps
  • No Logging
  • Blocks Advertisements
  • Blocks Web Trackers
  • Blocks Malware
  • Multiple VPN Locations
  • Crypto Accepted
  • No Personal Details Required
  • OpenVPN protocol
  • Starting at just $7/quarterly!
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Affordable, bare-bones, ad-blocking VPN

We don’t have a fancy mobile app or desktop software. You get an OpenVPN configuration file for each location you subscribe to. You can use them all at the same time on different devices or switch between them manually as needed. This is a barebones, affordable, privacy respecting and “BS” destroying VPN service. It’s simple, it’s fast, it’s affordable.